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Next step.

After spending the end of December and most of January transferring to a new computer (a Christmas present) and building my website, I have finally gotten back to work in my studio. I finished these three paintings last week. Along with an additional smokestack, these two water tower paintings are a part of the beginning pieces to this series with purposely uncomplicated compositions. I intend to slowly develop these works towards more complex images, which will slowly evolve into larger, more intricate cityscapes with the towers eventually losing center stage and placed on equal footing with the rest of the structures that form the city’s tapestry.

This is the same organic process I originally applied to my abstract work. It began many years ago, while I was still in college, with a simple circular design for my first piece that eventually grew into my current matrix of multitudes, just as a single cell would multiply into a complex organism. Once this matrix was firmly established, I applied its structure to my still life, wildlife and figurative series. Contrarily, I am working my figurative work backwards from images of multitudes into trios, duos, and finally solo figure.

The one dying into the many, the many dying into the one.

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